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About Us

What SELO wants to be? Our idea is to meet customer’s simple requires of low-cost, high-quality, fast delivery & good service. When we achieve first step, we want to provide solutions to customer’s pain points, to create value & help customers succeed. Small profits keeps company development, surrender the large profits to our co-partners, customers and suppliers. Our staff are happy working & happy life.

We tell you a story of choice, which could simply display the development of our company. In fact, the not long story of Wenzhou Selo Technology is a story of choice. Our company has gone through several stages from products first, quality first, customer first, finally to user first.  
We chose the right products. The first halogen lightbar came out in our small laboratory in 1995. We chose lighting the emergency vehicles and protecting people’s safe as our goals. As it was brand new industry in China, we got success at that period.
We chose quality and innovation in 2003. As more people entered this industry, we kept innovation and quality improvement. We pursue zero defect quality as quality is our companies life. Till 2009, we set up full production line of warning lights,lightbars, sirens and speakers.  And formal QC team was set up that time.
We chose customer first in 2012. Our customers were aware of the combination of emergency lighting and off road lighting. We opened a new products line of off road lighting, production line enlarge to LED work light, LED light bar, Wrangler Jeep series lighting, Harley lighting series, so one and forth .
We chose user first in 2015. We set up warehouse abroad, which makes the delivery very fast. We made creation on our lights for end users to easier installation and cooler decoration on vehicles. We help our users abtain different requirments. As long as you tell us what you need and what we can do for you, Selo creates value for you. 

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